About Mentorship Works

  • Mentorship Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with resources.  There is no better resource than an engaged mentor.  Mentorship Works provides 3 channels to obtain guidance and support in developing your startup.

    1. We provide the only mentor/mentee matching database in Santa Barbara.  Our system discreetly matches an interested mentee with an available mentor based on key criteria including availability, applicable experience, and subject matter expertise.  If you’re available to mentor (1 hour a month is the minimum), sign up here.  If you’re looking for a mentor, fill out our mentee application.
    2. Mentorship Works has sourced the top entrepreneurs in the region to create intimate interview/conversational style videos.  Become a member today to access ALL of our videos.  We offer our featured video showcasing Michael Crandell – Founder and CEO of RightScale without registering.  But why not register?  It’s free and gets you connected.
    3. Mentorship Works features a quarterly signature event featuring the top entrepreneurs sharing insight into a specific function of the entrepreneur experience.   Our events include networking, world class best practices, and on the spot matching.

    Register today and find out how Mentorship Works!


    Board of Directors

    To learn more about our team members, click on their name

    • SiBelle Israel
    • Zachary Ober
      Vice President
    • Nicolai Safai
      Mentee Recruiter
    • France Grissolange
      Marketing & Pr Director
    • Eldon Edwards
      Social Media Director
    • Violet Coto
      Mentor Recruiter
    • Christopher Eriksson
      Technology Director
    • Jacques Habra
      Founding Advisor
    • Jacky Lopez
      Events Coordinator


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